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The iTAG® system was conceived to help companies identify and manage hard to track assets. iTAGs® are durable and easily visible labels that can be applied to items such as tires, wheels, employee tags, maintenance tools, batteries, starter motors, alternators, heater blowers, windshield wiper motors, ABS Systems, battery cables, and other serviceable and warrantable components. Use of the iTAG® makes it possible to easily track all of these assets in the same framework.


iTAGs® help identify assets through not only NFC technology, but also visible ID number. They are durable and easily visible labels that can be applied to a diverse variety of serviceable and warrantable components which can be easily tracked in one combined system. Information like the action taken, location, and involved equipment for each event can be established. The ability to track this information allows organizations of sufficient scale to optimize their use of resources and save time and money.

iTAG® showing VMRS, serial, and model numbers on a 1.38 inch tag is pictured on the left.  Each iTAG® can store up to 120 digits of customizable data.  Image on right shows the iTAG® inside a rubber carrier disk which adheres to tires.  Each tire iTAG® can include data history of repairs, retreads, load range, tread pattern, Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) position/condition codes, and more.  Whenever a tag is scanned, a complete history can be pulled from the cloud and reviewed.

To learn more about the  iTAG® System: Scope and Application please read the document below or download the  iTAG® Whitepaper pdf at the bottom of the page.  Thank you.



iTag Whitepaper 6-2017.pdf
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